How does my age affect my ability to dance?

Practically, it doesn’t! Anyone can learn to dance tango, given that they have the will and decision to. Actually, in Buenos Aires itself, there are numerous 70-year-old dancers that do miracles, are well respected and enjoy their dancing social life. Tango is a dance about connection of two people, and it is suitable for all ages and all body types.


What is the duration of the classes?

The group teaching period of our school starts in September and stops in July. Normally, we have two months off during the summer, July and August.

During July, though, some of our team continue to give private lessons and organize thematical tango workshops, as well as high-speed intensive group classes for all levels. You can be informed on the summer classes through the Blog section of our website.


Can I start at any moment?

The official starting point for total beginners is October, but there are also new beginners classes starting almost every month in our school. Please check the Program section of our website for specific info on new classes.

As for the private lessons, they can be arranged at any time, based on the availability of a student and a teacher.


Does the school organize dance events?

Of course it does! We hold social tango events every week, the so-called Milongas and Practicas. You can get informed through the Program and Blog sections of our website.


What is the cost of classes?

Private classes can vary depending on the amount of teaching hours and the frequency  you need.  Please ask the teacher in person. As for group classes, you can find out the cost through the Program section of our website. You can see there that we also have special offers for those that desire to pay in advance.