Panos Nicoletos had his first contact with tango in 2008. He is a champion of ango Acropolis 2012 and a finalist of the European Championship in years 2014 and 2015. He has spent 3 continuous years of his life in Buenos Aires, a period in which he went deeper into the dance, the music and culture of tango. He has been teaching since 2012, based on a traditional style that is danced in the milonguerias of Buenos Aires.


Evelina Sarantopoulou has founded the TANGart school in cooperation with Theodore Georgedakis in 2011. Based in Athens, she has been also teaching in the rest of Greece and abroad accompanying numerous great dancers, such as the argentinean Ezequiel “El Cacha” Merlo, the Turkish Hakan Ayakli, and the greeks Theodore Georgedakis, Panos Nikoletos and Panagiotis Triantafyllou. She is reknowned for her transmissibility and her system of teaching, which builds up a strong communication that broadens the dancing ability of the couple.