Ozan Firat is a highly experienced tango teacher and dancer with a very long course in the tango community. He started dancing in 1996 and has been active until today. In 2000 he founded Altango, a specialized tango school in Izmir, Turkey, his place of origin.  While in charge of his school, he has performed and taught in numerous countries, such as Germany, Jordan and Argentina. Furthermore, he is until now the organizer of one of the biggest tango events in Turkey, the Izmir Tango Marathon, that has been active for the last ten years.

In  2017, he decided to move to Athens and started the collaboration with TANGart school, where he continues expanding tango by giving group and private classes. He believes that tango is the most efficient and poetic  way to deeply connect people .  His technique depends on the honesty we need to achieve in order to express ourselves in a relaxed body and make the energy flow from one person to another.  

Katerina Skouteli started her dance course at the age of 5, involved in classical ballet, modern dance, as well as latin couple dances. She started dancing tango in 2003. Since then, she has attended courses and seminars in Greece, Europe and Argentina by several leading tango teachers.

Her course in argentine tango places her among the dynamic emerging dancers of Greece. Until now she has taken part in the Tango Acropolis dance contest, she has been semi-finalist of the Mediterranean and Eastern European championship in the category of Tango Escenario. She has also participated in various dance shows and festivals around Greece, in TV shows and in the "Tango X Piazzolla" show at the Odeon of Herodus Atticus, in a cast that included the reknowned argentinean performer Mora Godoy.

At the same time, she frequently organises tango events, inviting in our city foreign artists to teach and perform, such as Antonella Terrazas, Diego Escobar etc. She has also been the host of athenean milongas.

She has been teaching in TANGart for over five years. Her teaching focuses on people who want to release themselves and their body through tango.