Theodore began studying the Argentinean tango in 2004, with his teaching action starting in 2009. The crucial point in his career has been the founding the specialized tango educational center TANGart in Athens in 2011, now one of the biggest in Europe.

Ioanna, after a ten-year course in classical ballet, had her first contact and, ever since, been connected with tango in 2010, and the two of them have started a professional collaboration in 2015.

They are more and more active in presenting their work of art in Greece and abroad.

Theodore and Ioanna are a couple of simple everyday people who have been “touched” on  a human level by tango, for everything that it represents and offers.

Their love for tango is the moving force for them to continuously share and expand it. This very love is also the base of their teaching and their approach of its core, which is the communication of two people coexisting and co-creating inside a dancing embrace.

Endlessly impressed and inspired by the values and culture of tango, they always dance “impulsively”, just like it has been the rule for a long time in the history of this dance. Thus, they always perform on improvisation, which makes each and every one of their performances different from all the previous, and, as such, unique.

Our Tangart program for this season,

starting in September to December 2020!

Online Lessons:

"Musicality"🎶 by Theodore

Monday 22:00 Greek time [EN]

Sunday 17:00 Greek time [EN- GR]

Sunday 21:00 Greek time [GR]


"Spanish for Tango" 💬 by Ioanna

Tuesday 21:30 Greek time [EN]

Thursday 21:00 Greek time [GR]


Tangart school classes:

"Intermediate & Advanced" 

Wednesday 21:30 

"Intermediate & Improvers 1 - 2"

Saturday 18:30


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