Marisol MORALES & Alejandro LARENAS, Argentinean dancers and maestros. 

Their dancing ranges from pure tradition to mind blowing innovation. Rich in musicality, spotless technique and a very skillful and precise teaching method to explain this popular dance. When it comes about dancing is all about improvisation! 

Both of them have started tango in 1998, in 2004 they had cross their path and they became a professional couple. They have been teaching and preforming to renowned places in Buenos Aires, Argentina such as, La Viruta, Salon Canning, Club Gricel, La ideal, Viva La Pepa, Lo de Celia, CITA, Misterio Tango Festival, Rosario Tango Festival...

Since 2005 that they did their first international trip, they have been travelling around the world.

In all this time they have made more than 30 tango tours all around the world to participate in Seminars, Shows and Tango Festivals. 

Finally after so many trips they have chosen Greece to do base between their travels, where they joined in Athens the Tangart directors team. The objective behind this decision is to create a special space where people can visit, learn, live and experience tango in the way they feel it and shared it around the world. 

Participations highlights: Montreal Tango Festival (2006 - 2009), The International Festival of Rimini (2009), 13 Hamburg Tango Festival (2010), 14 Aniversary Universo Tango (2011), San Remo Tango Festival (2010), TangOtoño Innsbruck (2010), Tangoconsharm, Egypt (2010), The Smith Tango Festival in Santa Monica, Los Angeles. (2010), International Istanbul Tango Week (2011). Festivalito de primavera, Zurich (2012). Lisbon Tango Festival (2013). Marca de Tango Festival, Treviso.(2013- 2018). Washington Tango Weekend (2014), Istanbul Tango Experience (2015), Pisa Tango Festival (2015), Meditango Festival, Roma (2015), Days of tango Festival Saint Petersburgh (2015 -2016), Philadelphia Tango Festival (2016), Australian Tango Festival (2017), Toronto Tango Festival (2014-2016-2019) Karlsruhe Tango Festival (2019). 

Our Tangart program for this season,
starting in September to December 2020!

Online Lessons:
"Tango Stories on the Radio" 🎧
Sundays 19:00 Greek time [EN] 

"L'uomo dietro alla musica" 😎

"The man behind the music" 😎
Thursdays 19:00 Greek time [EN]

Tangart school classes:
"Intermediate & Advanced" 
Tuesdays 21:30  

"Tango Basics"
Wednesdays 20:30

E-Book Julio de Caro, "The man behind the music" DESCARGA GRATIS!