The dance of Marisol Morales and Alejandro Larenas  has a range from pure tradition until the most mind blowing innovation. Reach in musicality sense, a flawless technique and a very skillful and precise method of explaining the evolution of the dance are their main characteristics. Tango for them  is much more than a dance: it is a way of living that through the dance allow us to express inside of an embrace. Their research is focus in the body language. When it comes the show for them is all about improvisation! Both of them have started tango in 1998 in Argentina. In 2004 their paths crossed and they became a professional couple. With more than 20 years of dancing experience, they have been a professional couple since 2005. 

They have taught and performed in famous places in Buenos Aires, such as Club Gricel, La Catedral, Salon Canning, La Ideal, Cochabamba 444, Tangocool, La Viruta Tango, Practica X, El Motivo Tango, Viva la Pepa Milonga, Milonga 10 and the tango performance “Tango New Generation”, organized within the CITA Intenacional Tango Festival (2006, 2007).  

They have completed more than 25 tours around the world in order to present in  seminars, shows and tango festivals, including the following:

Montreal Tango Festival (2006 - 2009), The International Festival of Rimini (2009), 13 Hamburg Tango Festival (2010), 14 Aniversary Universo Tango (2011), San Remo Tango Festival (2010), TangOtoño Innsbruck (2010), Tangoconsharm, Egypt (2010), The Smith Tango Festival in Santa Monica, Los Angeles. (2010), International Istanbul Tango Week (2011). Festivalito de primavera, Zurich (2012). Lisbon Tango Festival (2013). Marca de Tango Festival, Treviso.(2013). Washington Tango Weekend (2014), Istanbul Tango Experience (2015), Pisa Tango Festival (2015), Meditango Festival, Roma (2015), Days of tango Festival Saint Petersburgh (2015 -2018), Philadelphia Tango Festival (2016), Australian Tango Festival (2017-2019), Kunming Tango Meeting (2017-2018-2019) Toronto Tango Festival (2014 - 2016 - 2019), Tango Festival Karlsruhe (2019).

Their first visit in Greece for a teaching occasion was in 2008 and ever since they have returned every year to maintain a core of dedicated students and dance for the brader public. In 2015 they chose Athens as a permanent base, where they also guide regular group classes. Meanwhile, they keep on travelling around the world to expand the tango they believe in.

Their main objective is to help students understand that tango is not only a dance, but also a part of a long trip about ways of life and a deep conscience of what tango stands for and represents. For that reason, they focus of building up the inner base in their students that will gradually acquire their own tango living experience. This point of view makes their classes unique.