TANGOLISTICO concepto “del principio al fin”, which means “from beginning to end”, is all about an idea – an approach of how, in our opinion, Argentinean tango should be taught.

This has gradually and progressively taken form -through practical teaching and dancing experience, as well as deep consideration and profound discussions- during the last years by Theodore Georgedakis and Ioanna Papachristou, members of the highly specialized Argentinean tango school, TANGart, in Athens.

Tango is historically, by nature, below and above all, a social dance.  The TANGOLISTICO concept, always focused on this aspect, aims to connect one’s body with their emotional and mental inner world, so that the collaboration among them can achieve and maintain an harmony in a personal and social level.

Tangolistico is a multidimentional total, firmly based on the principles and culture of Argentinean tango. It functions in parallel teaching lines, using both traditional and more alternative teaching methods, in a mix with impressingly rewarding results.

Tangolistico has a goal of forming dancers capable of essential communication and co-expression, by abilitating them to develop and expose their own dancing personality.

Within this effort, we offer special workshops that take place once a month, each of them with a different subject or unit of subjects.

To whom the workshops are of interest:

The Tangolistico workshops are addressed to everyone that feels the need to take their personal tango into a deeper level of understanding and feeling, in order to improve their creativity and interpretative skills.

We believe much more in the personal interest and approach of each person than in the traditional student levels (in terms of dance experience counted in years).

For that reason, the workshops are open to anyone who wants to study in our way, and we know that the studying method we use can be equally useful to all, from the beginner to the advanced or professional dancer.

Even if you think you are already familiar with the subject we are treating every time, please spend a few minute to take a look into our perspective of the subject.

Registration is obligatory and can be individual or in couple. You can register here:

or by calling us: Theodore +30 6975368713 Ioanna +30 6983851228

Cost of participation: 20 euros/person or 30 euros/couple

We are waiting for you with an enormous excitement and the mood for sharing.

Theodore & Ioanna