Elli Karadimou works as a tango dancer, teacher, producer and DJ for more than a decade in Athens and abroad in Germany, Turkey, UK and Italy. In 2011 she won the European Tango Championship in the stage category with her former partner. She was also three times finalist in the Mundial of Tango in Buenos Aires. She worked as a professional actress before starting her dance career and she has trained as a dancer extensively in Athens and Buenos Aires. She used to organize her own weekly  milonga in Athens called  “Lo de Elli” during 8 years and has created and directed three tango theatrical productions in Athens. She is an organizer of several tango events and festivals in Greece.

Jordi Moragues had its first contact with tango in Buenos Aires in 1998. In the following years he learned intensively with various top maestros. He started teaching in 2001. In 2002 he took additional dance classes of ballet, modern and jazz. He has taught and performed in Germany, Holland and Greece and has collaborated in TV and film productions. He also works as a DJ. He was twice finalist in the European Tango Championship and is the creator of the "Tango Tools" YouTube channel. His teaching focuses on technique, musicality, interaction in the dance couple and improvisation skills. His method relies on the use of inspiring imagery.