Nikolas Dimitropoulos and Marina Siama have been dancing tango since 2006 and 2009 accordingly. They have been dancing and teaching together since 2011 and have performed in milongas, theatres (“Tango love stories”, Pallas theatre, Tango Emotion, Tango X etc), television shows and festivals (Che London Tango Festival, Tango Lovers festival, Tango Unchained, Syros Tango festival, Sunny Tango festival, Patras Tango fiesta, Pa’bailar Spring Tango festival and more).
In 2014, they took part in the championship of Mediterranean and Eastern Europe, Tango Acropolis, where they conquered the 2nd position in the category of Tango Salon. In 2016, they participated in the European Tango Championship in Cervia, Italy, where they reached the final of the category Tango de Pista, while in 2017, they conquered the 4 th position in the final of the same category in the Italian-Greek Championship. They have attended numerous private lessons by world-known maestros and many more seminars.

Both as dancers and teachers, they emphasize on the importance of music and technique, the contact between the couple and the expression of feelings generated by the music, the lyrics and the embrace, always with respect to the tradition and culture of tango.

Since 2014 they are teaching in TANGart, offering group classes of all levels, as well as private lessons.