Sunday March 17th, 14:00-17:00 (with a short break)
Cost of participation: 30€/couple or 20€/person

A few words about this workshop cycle:

In our opinion, improvisation includes any form of expression that cannot be repeated.

Improvising mainly originates in the need for human communication. We create a language in order to share our thought and emotions, and we do that by using a vocabulary and a set of grammar and syntax rules. But still, these common language tools are used differently according to the people and the circumstances. Even more, in case that the words get repeated, in each different moment the motive that gave birth to them changes, so does their perception and their accurate meaning from both sides, the transmitter and the receiver.

The exact same thing applies to dancing tango.

We have words – the steps/moves/figures, we have syntax – the structure of movement and we have grammar – our technique, so when we want to express ourselves by dancing, we make use of the tools above in our own personal way that differs from time to time and from a partner to another.
Thus, we can create an endless range of expression and interpretation, which is, every time such unique as is the experience that created it. This creation of every moment and the actual impossibility to recreate the exact same expression is the most essential characteristic that separates tango from all other kinds of dance for couples.

We could very well say that improvising is based on an impulse and the kinesiological instinct that each of us contains. But before thoughts and feelings can become movement, there is a whole course passing in combination and escalation from our body use to the embrace and the partner, a course during which the particularity and the “magical” feeling of tango communication is created. Furthermore, the existence of music as a motive that gives form to the dancing dialogue is a crucial part in this process, as is also our unavoidable need of adjustment to the natural and social space.

But let’s ask ourselves, how ready are we for this sharing? Do we need more tools to open the road for new directions?

How much is a leader able to transmit this expressive dimension to his/her partner?

How is the follower able to feed the embrace with his/her own experience and feeling and thus contribute to the common inspiration?

Finally, how does the dancing communication reach a point of mutual balanced energy without having pre-arranged any move or moment?

A series of Sunday workshops will be dedicated to this search, with the aim to help you understand our own way to communicate this. We are going to provide you with all the tool and experiences that have helped us build our dancing improvisation.
From the love and simplicity of the milonga until the explosion of a tango show.

(The main body of the workshop is taught in greek, but we have the ability to explain the subjects in english, french and spanish as well.)

The workshop has a limited number of participants.
Registration is obligatory.
In case you desire to participate, please fill in the registration form below or send us your full name by sms to the number +30 6975368713.

Venue of the workshop:
TANGart, Reflections of Tango, specialized tango school
Kallirois 10, Athens, 2nd floor
Metro Station: Acropolis
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Phone number: +30 6975368713, +30 6983851228

We are warmly waiting for you,
Theodore & Ioanna

Why are the Tangolístico Workshops suitable for you?

The Tangolistico workshops are addressed to everyone that feels the need to take their personal tango into a deeper level of understanding and feeling, in order to improve their creativity and interpretative skills.

We believe much more in the personal interest and approach of each person than in the traditional student levels (in terms of dance experience counted in years).

For that reason, the workshops are open to anyone who wants to study in our way, and we know that the studying method we use can be equally useful to all, from the beginner to the advanced or professional dancer.

Even if you think you are already familiar with the subject we are treating every time, please spend a few minute to take a look into our perspective of the subject.

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