We are happy to announce the upgraded TangOnline weekly program for July! 

Information about all the new tango courses follows below.
We believe that you will find them surprisingly interesting as they are not like a regular tango lesson. 
These meetings are designed specially for online attendance. 

The new courses are starting gradually from 1st of July. 

To participate, simply fill in the registration form.

TangOnline is a secure platform that offers you the possibility to continue studying all the additional aspects of Tango. 

Movements, music, history and language, everything is in extricably linked! 

Now you can develop all dimensions of tango though the courses we prepared for you. 
Take 5 minutes to learn more about it.

TangOnline is where we meet and share our tango knowledge and experience with you.

Let's meet online!

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New TangOnline Courses Program

MONDAY 21:00 
Tango Musicality the 4 gran orchestras

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TUESDAY 21:00 
What about Tango Poetry with Ioanna

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Τango On Focus: How to dance the music with Evelina

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Secrets of leading that can improve the following with Evelina

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The man behind the music: stories of different maestros of tango orchestras with Marisol

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FRIDAY 20:30 
Technique for Women with Elli

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Tango Bodywork with Sergios

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SUNDAY 19:00 
Tango Basics movements & history by Marisol & Evelina

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You can check your local time vs Athens Time here:


10 € / 1 lesson 
25 € / 1 month
Also you can choose the combo offer of  2 courses +1 free with 50 € for 1 month. 

The subscription fee can be paid in two ways:

- Online banking by deposit or
- Via Paypal using a debit or credit card or if you have a paypal account through your account.

Technical information:

You can use the platform for the on-line lessons and meetings from your computer, laptop, tablet or mobile phone

The device you will use should have speakers or headphones (recommended), a microphone, and a web camera.
Most all of modern devices now have all of the above.

You will be emailed with all the instructions you need to connect to the platform for your attendance and participation in the course.

For those of you who are not comfortable with the technology we promise it is simpler than you imagine and we will be at your disposal to help.



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