We are happy to announce TangOnline upgraded weekly program! 

Information about all the new tango courses follows below. We believe that you will find them surprisingly interesting as they are not like a regular tango lesson. These meetings are designed specially for online attendance. 

The new courses are starting gradually from 23 April. To participate, simply fill in the registration form (or you can press the button below)

TangOnline is a secure platform that offers you the possibility to continue studying all aspects of Tango. Movements, music, history and language, everything is inextricably linked! Now you can develop all dimensions of tango though the courses we prepared for you. Take 5 minutes to learn more about it.

TangOnline is where we meet and share our tango knowledge and experience with you.

Let's meet online!

Evelina, Alejandro & Marisol, Theodore & Ioanna, Jordi & Elli. 

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New TangOnline Courses
NEW:Tango Basics

Every Sunday at 18:00 with Marisol Morales & Evelina Sarantopoulou

Every lesson has two parts. The first part includes the presentation and practice of the basic tango structure and movements. The second part is about the history and culture of tango named as "Putting together the puzzle of tango history”.  We will study important personalities of tango music and dance, as well as lyrics of well known tango songs. 

The best option for beginners or experienced that want to "return back" to basics and learn more about the past of tango.

This Sunday  26 April the class is for free!

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NEW:Spanish for Tango

Every Thursday at 21:00 with Ioanna Papachristou

It is a Fast-speed online Spanish course, of 3 months duration, focused on the understanding of written and spoken language. We will approach the Argentinean language (Spanish with local peculiarities), with the aim of understanding the lyrics and the wider cultural environment where Tango was born and took its shape. 

(The group are already fully booked. We create a new group in order to cover the demand. The new group starts 23 April)

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NEW:Technique MILONGA & VALS for leaders and followers

Every Monday at 19:00 with Jordi Moragues
In each class, you'll practice a selection of exercises that you can do without a partner. The exercises are based on steps for tango, milonga and vals. You'll practice fundamental basics and useful short sequences that you can apply directly to your dance. For each exercise you'll learn structure, proper technique, musicality and expressiveness through dynamics. You'll also learn adornment possibilities for men and women.

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NEW:The man behind the music

Every Thursday at 19:00 with Marisol Morales

This Thursday 23 April we will learn about the very important maestro Alfredo Gobbi

Every orchestra is different and has a unique way to express its ID through tango music. The connection between the director of the orchestra and the arrangements, the interaction between the musicians and their common tango life gave each orchestra a stamp. The objective is to understand the personalities behind the music to go deeper in what we are dancing and understand why we love and dance with them till today.  Photo and music material is shared to all participants during the course. ”

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NEW:Tango Musicality for dancers without musical education

Every Saturday at 21:00 with Theodore Georgedakis

Talking as simply as possible about music. A trip to the rich ocean of Tango music. From the easy to the most complex, from the obvious to the exceptions.

(Two groups are already fully booked. We create a new group in order to cover the demand.  New group starts 02 May)

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TangOnline Courses that are always open for new members

Every Wednesday at 20:00 with Evelina Sarantopoulou
Sometimes we believe that we cannot develop our tango or practice without a partner. That’s not true! In fact, there are a lot we need to explore alone in order to become an asset in the embrace of our partners. At every lesson we focus on a different figure, studying the possibilities and limitations of the body, as well as the natural forces we deal with while dancing.


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Tango Technique for Women

Every Friday at 20:00 with Elli Karadimou

The course is destined for those who want to have the time to explore and maximize the possibilities of their body as far as it concerns tango movements.  The class is divided into three parts. 

1. Warm-up  2. Practice of walking tango technique 

3. Choreographed mini tango combinations for practice. 

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Every Wednesday at 18:00 & Every Saturday at 13:00 with Sergios Tsagkaris

Tango Bodywork is a simple and effective whole-body workout system for tango dancers/students and more. Exercises and kynesiology come from tango, modern, ballet, kelp gymnastics, and even martial arts. 

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TangoShop by TANGart

A fresh new tango e-shop by TANGart is waiting for you!

We hope that you will like as much we like the special collection of TANGart's thematic tango-accessories such as t-shirts, bags, and many others.

Very soon, new entries of tango ideas are coming.

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