With the “relax” mode ON, we meet for small talk and to listen some music. It is the chance we have to exchange our thoughts about tango, our concerns, our ideas and memories. A chance to meet people from other cities and counties, and get to know them. A cozy meeting with all the people that are available at that time and want some company. Occasionally there are going to be some topics to discuss and special guests to share their stories. 
We are waiting for you to have coffee and cookies and stay connected while we need to stay apart.

Do you want to learn for the other course of TangOnline by TANGart?

Tango Technique for Leaders and Followers (Monday 19:00)

by Jordi Moragues

Tango Musicality (Monday 21:00, Sunday 15:00, Saturday 21:00)

by Theodore Georgedakis

Tango Bodywork (Wednesday 18:00, Saturday 13:00)

by Sergios Tsagkaris

Tango On Focus (Wednesday 20:00)

by Evelina Sarantopoulou

The man behind the music (Thursday 19:00)

by Marisol Morales

Spanish for Tango (Thursday 21:00)

by Ioanna Papachristou

Tango Technique for Women (Friday 20:00)

by Elli Karadimou

Tango Cafe (Saturday 18:00) For Free

by TANGart's Teachers

Tango Basics (Sunday 18:00)

by Marisol Morales & Evelina Sarantopoulou