TangOnline: The man behind the music. The story of the orchestras

with Marisol Morales

Every orchestra is different and has a unique way to express their ID in tango through the music. 

The connection between the director of the orchestra and the arrangements, the compositions they made and the interaction between the musicians is an intimate relationship that had given to each orchestra a personality. 

The objective is to arrive to understand the personalities behind the music to go deeper in what we are dancing and to reflect in the fact that we are also unique...and we need to find the path of reflection about what we feel and what we share when we dance tango. 

I am looking forward to share with you their tango life stories that had motivate them to create a stamp and understand why we love and dance with them till today. 

Photo and music material is shared to all participants during the course. 

TangOnline: The man behind the music. The story of the orchestras (Thursday 19:00)
with Marisol Morales


1 Thursday 2nd of July
 Eduardo Arolas an extraordinary life, full of adventures! How much we dance of the "tigre del Bandoneon" compositions in the milongas?

2 Thursday 9th of July
Ricardo Tanturi, Alberto Castillo & Enrique Campos. why is they are the sound of the "barrio" ?

3 Thursday 16th of July
Rodolfo Biaggi, from his begging in D'arienzo orchestra, the development of his personality and style had annoyed to El Rey del compás?

4 Thursday 24th of July
Miguel Calo, the biggest treasure of him was to have an stamp in his personality and give a lot of freedom to the musicians to give their best inside of the orchestra. How this balanced between his milonguero and innovation co-existed and create the music that we love to dance in the milongas?

5 Thursday 30th of July
Tita Merello & Mercedes Simone, two passionate women's with a tango life and career to discover and get in love with. 

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