This section of Tango on Focus is providing to the dancers simple explanation about how to dance the music, how the music suggests the quality, size, speed, dynamics, texture and aesthetics of the movement
Let's take a look at how we can connect emotions to our movement with a course that engages music with technique and interpretation, raising awareness of the criteria of our choices.

Tango dancers sometimes believe that they cannot develop their tango or practice if they don’t have a partner. 
That’s not true! 
In fact, there are a lot we need to explore alone in order to become an asset in the embrace of our partners. Considering the 4-dimension connection we need to achieve during dancing (connection to our partner, the music, our body and our floor), I would say we shouldn’t lose time and grab the opportunity to study alone, at home! 
At TangOn focus Online we will study possibilities and limitations of the body, as well as the natural forces we deal with while dancing. Focusing on the fundamentals (how to sustain balance or take a nice turn etc), while at the same time referring to examples of popular figures (voleos, sacadas, colgadas etc) to help us to apply what we learned.

The course is every Wednesday at 20:00

You can check your local time vs Athens Time here:


10 € / 1 lesson 
25 € / 1 month (4 weeks)

Also you can choose the special promotional package of the 2+1 courses with 50 € for 1 month. 

The subscription fee can be paid in two ways:

- Online banking by deposit or
- Via Paypal using a debit or credit card or if you have a paypal account through your account.

Technical information:

You can use the platform for the on-line lessons and meetings from your computer, laptop, tablet or mobile phone

The device you will use should have speakers or headphones (recommended), a microphone, and a web camera.
Most all of modern devices now have all of the above.

You will be emailed with all the instructions you need to connect to the platform for your attendance and participation in the course.

For those of you who are not comfortable with the technology we promise it is simpler than you imagine and we will be at your disposal to help.