Secrets of leading that can improve the following!

with Evelina Sarantopoulou

STARTING ON WEDNESDAY 01 JULY at 21:30 (greek time)

This is a course for 2 equal partners: 2 followers, 2 leaders, 1 follower and 1 leader. Both partners will need to lead and follow, getting familiar with the crucial technique of each part.

A few words from Evelina

"Some of us (girls) started leading out of curiosity, some others out of necessity, but we all agree that leading became the reason to evolve faster as followers.

The skills of leading can offer many advantages to both partners as drastically improves the power, the balance and stability, the perception, and the ability to transmit back intentions and feelings. 
The tools we obtain out of this study are composing the next level of following and back leading.

Nevertheless, leaders can recognize when their partner is an experience leader too. 
They can feel the different qualities and the more complicated communication they can develop in their dance. 
They can trust more and enjoy better.

This course could drive your dance to another dimension and impress your partner with your new evolved skills. " 

Don't miss the chance to study with Evelina, one of the special cases of female tango teachers that can successfully teach and dance men steps and technique, as she studied both parts (leading and following) for more than 10 years. 

Students from both parts appreciate her smart way of sharing small secrets that transform their dance
Once you dance with her you can feel the different quality and gravity of her movement, no matter what part of the embrace you place her.

More about Evelina 

The course is every Wednesday at 21:30

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Subscription per person

10 € / 1 lesson 
25 € / 1 month (4 weeks) 

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The subscription fee can be paid in two ways:

- Online banking by deposit or
- Via Paypal using a debit or credit card or if you have a paypal account through your account.

Technical information:

You can use the platform for the on-line lessons and meetings from your computer, laptop, tablet or mobile phone

The device you will use should have speakers or headphones (recommended), a microphone, and a web camera.
Most all of modern devices now have all of the above.

You will be emailed with all the instructions you need to connect to the platform for your attendance and participation in the course.

For those of you who are not comfortable with the technology we promise it is simpler than you imagine and we will be at your disposal to help.

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