with Theodore Georgedakis

Every Sunday 13:00 (new group)
Every Monday 22:00

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From the easy to the most complex, from the obvious to the exceptions.

The aim of the course is to give the "tools" to the participant to adapt to each of the paths suggested by the music.

Suitable for all levels.

Includes theory and movement.

No music knowledge required.

This Musicality course is a genuine combination of approaching the music, the dance and other aspects that we need for connecting to tango. It is an essential part of an holistic approach of tango.
I am looking forward to sharing all I know with you.

Each lesson lasts around 1,5 hour.

Structure of the lesson
Each lesson is divided in 3 main parts:
- Music Theory specialized on Tango
- Great number of examples of tango pieces to support all information given
- Homework assigned - exercises that will take about 1 hour (or less) to complete.

After each lesson,  you will receive: 
- notes/material on tango music analysis and exercises on tango songs.
- videos with live BandoneΓ³n examples, which is really helpful for recognizing in a clear way the patterns, music articulations, rhythmical forms, etc.
- video tutorials with exercises of movements  to  practice on, either alone or with a partner.

You will find some short examples/samples below

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Musicality Course Subjects

Part A': 

- Introduction
- Rythm, Compas, Syncopas
- Structure, Forms, Phrases, Periodicity, Suffixes
- Orchestration, Melodic Lines, Musical Instruments, Phraseology per instrument.
- Analysis of Music Tracks and structure characteristics.
- Harmony and Dynamics.

Duration of Part A': 6-8 lessons

Part B':

- Milonga
- Tango Vals
- The voice in tango, the role of the singer.

Duration of Part B': 4-6 lessons

Part C':

- The 4 major orchestras:

Carlos Di Sarli | Juan D'Arienzo | Anibal Troilo | Osvaldo Pugliese

Duration of Part C': 4-6 lessons

Part D':  

The 5 main lines of Tango Music

The Simple Line | "Linea Canareana"

Fransisco Canaro, Fransisco Lomuto, Edgardo Donato, Orquestra Tipica Victor, Roberto Firpo 

Duration of Part D1': 5-6 lessons

The Rhythmical Line | "Linea D'Arienceana"

Juan D'Arienzo, Ricardo Tanturi, Edgardo Donato, Rodolfo Biagi

Duration of Part D2': 4-5 lessons

The Lyrical Line | "Linea Fresedeana"

Osvaldo Fresedo, Miguel Calo, Lucio Demare, Carlos Di Sarli

Duration of Part D3': 4-5 lessons

The Complex Line | "Line Decareana"

Julio De Caro, Pedro Laurenz, Anibal Troilo, Osvaldo Pugliese, Alfredo Gobbi, Horacio Salgan, Astor Piazzolla

Duration of Part D4': 6-8 lessons

The Contemporary Line | "Line Piazzolleana"

Astor Piazzolla, Modern classic orchestras

Duration of Part D5': 2-4 lessons

Part E': 

- Las Cumparsitas

Duration of Part E': 1-2 lessons




30euro / Month (4 lessons)
10euro / Lesson

The subscription fee can be paid in two ways:

- Online banking by deposit or
- Via Paypal using a debit or credit card or if you have a paypal account through your account.

Technical information:

You can use the platform for the on-line lessons and meetings from your computer, laptop, tablet or mobile phone

The device you will use should have speakers or headphones (recommended), a microphone, and a web camera.
Most all of modern devices now have all of the above.

You will be emailed with all the instructions you need to connect to the platform for your attendance and participation in the course.

For those of you who are not comfortable with the technology we promise it is simpler than you imagine and we will be at your disposal to help.