Spanish for Tango

with Ioanna Papachristou

Every Tuesday at 21:30 

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Starts in October

Short description:

This is an intensive six-month online program focused on comprehension of written and spoken Spanish.

We will approach the Argentine language (Spanish with local particularities), with the aim of understanding the tango lyrics and the cultural environment that gave birth to Tango.

  • The course includes linguistic material with exercises (specific vocabulary, basic grammar and slang), translation of lyrics, historical and sociological observations.
  • No previous experience in Spanish language required.
  • The class will be in English. 
  • Contains homework.


Learn more:

Wouldn’t you love to know what tango lyrics are really about?

Well, it's easier than you think.

For the second year in a row, TANGart is offering an intensive Spanish learning program aimed at understanding the unique poetry and culture of Argentine tango.


Tango music has had lyrics since an early stage of its evolution. For the native speakers, lyrics are sometimes considered even more important than the music itself! From our own long experience in dancing and teaching tango, we strongly believe in creating stronger bonds with tango songs through the understanding of the lyrics.

The lyrics can transfer colours, tastes and emotions in a way that is just different than any music, and thanks to them, our dance becomes more expressive, more personal and intense.

Thus, there is a strong need to approach the language of tango, in a way that will allow us to connect more deeply with its music.

Our response was to build an intensive Spanish learning program for tangueros. The goal of this program is to reach a good level of comprehension of written and spoken language, which will help us understand the lyrics.


All the necessary material will be distributed in the class:

  1. basic grammar structure with local peculiarities of Argentina
  2. vocabulary in frequent use in tango lyrics
  3. exercises to practice on the topics above
  4. approach of the slang of Buenos Aires (lunfardo, palabras al revés etc)
  5. group oral practice in translation and analysis of lyrics.

The program is designed for tangueros with zero or beginner experience in Spanish and includes 6 months of online group classes.

The classes will be on the Zoom platform and will have duration of 1,5 hour.

Participants will need to dedicate some time to personal study and homework during the semestre.

For best results possible, you are kindly requested to attend the class with consistency.


After completing the "Spanish for tango" course, participants will be able to grasp the basic meaning and in the majority of tango pieces and arrive to a detailed translation of the easier ones. They will also have a satisfactory comprehension of spoken argentine Spanish.

Furthermore, they will be able to better understand the culture of tango, on a historical and social level, and perceive the relation of the lyrics to the society that produced them.

Understanding all this means to connect and share tango on a deeper level. To create personal bonds and be able to genuinely express ourselves through the dance. Learning Spanish is one more critical dimension to our approach of the beloved tango argentino.

Subscription 30 EUROS/ Month 10 EUROS/ Lesson
The subscription fee can be paid in two ways: - Online banking by deposit or - Via Paypal using a debit or credit card or if you have a paypal account through your account.

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