by Evelina Sarantopoulou

Wednesday 21:00 (Greek Time)

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Starts in October

Evelina tells us a few words about the Tango Roots

"If we do not know the past of tango, we do not really know what is special about it and why whoever gets to know it, falls in love with this dance. 

With a history of over 130 years, it was fashion in 1920 as it is fashion today. It went through periods of prosperity but also "mysticism", it was loved and hated, it was born on the sides of a river in Buenos Aires and it crossed the borders of its country, conquering the whole world. 

Grabbing the tangle from the beginning, we will put together the puzzle of the story of all the important events and people who defined tango over the years. 

By knowing the history, we can understand the culture and better connect with the dance, the music and the movement of the tango.

During the course we will study social and political circumstances, world or local events, important people (composers / dancers / politicians, etc.) who changed the course of history, 
as well as the musical structure (basic principles of tango music) and the lyrics of the songs that testify to the reality of the time and convey unique images.

The course is theoretical. 
Audiovisual material will be presented and references will be given for further investigation and study.

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