by Evelina Sarantopoulou

Wednesdays 22:00 (Greek Time)

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Starts in October

Evelina tells us a few words about the tango partnering program

"Through the cooperation of the two partners we learn more about ourselves and our role.

The title "follower" and "leader" may indicate our expertise within the couple, but it should not expose our ignorance of our partner's part, or even worse, of the status of the couple.

From the first lessons of tango partnering it is clear that as long as we remain trapped exclusively in our role we cannot raise our dance level. This is because the understanding of the operation of the couple gives us the supplies to better assess the situation and to choose our reaction wiser.

During the course you will impress yourself and your partner with the improved perception and the more mature feeling that you will offer in the embrace"

It is a lesson for 2 equal partners: 2 ladies or 2 men or 1 lady and 1 man. The two partners should guide and follow, in moves cleverly selected to get familiar with the useful elements of the technique of each role.

Tango improves when both partners:

- Study the same technique

- Identify the essential differences that each role requires

- Take benefit of the similarities shared by the two roles

- They patiently explore the principles of energy exchange and action-reaction

- Understand how to share the responsibility for the harmonious movement of the couple

This is not a role-playing lesson that will put girls in an awkward position to lead and boys in an awkward position to follow. This is a lesson that starts by treating the dancers as SIMILAR and builds their movement on this neutrality aiming at understanding the movement in depth for each partner in his role.

The benefits of tango partnering for both partners:

Leadership skills dramatically improve strength, balance and stability, the ability to convey intentions and emotions.

The special skills of following improve the sharing of the couple's space, the sense of preparation for the movement, the freedom of interpretation, the flexibility and speed.

The tools we gain from this study create more complete partners and compose the next level of communication and collaboration within the embrace.

Tango partnering in the past of tango (from the Tango Roots lesson):

"Before they reached the magical moment of meeting, the gentlemen and the ladies were trained separately. 

For social reasons, the men in the first lessons had to follow in the embrace, studying the movements with more experienced dancers.

They proceeded to the leading of the steps much later, after it became clear to them what is given from the side of the follower and so, what is required for the leader. The training between men continued until the perfection of their movement, but also later at a more advanced level in the form of exchange of ideas. 

At the same time, the ladies learned the basics of tango in-house, often from their mother or other women in the relative / friendly environment.”

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Subscription 30 EUROS / Month 10 EUROS/ Lesson
The subscription fee can be paid in two ways: - Online banking by deposit or - Via Paypal using a debit or credit card or if you have a paypal account through your account.

Technical information:

You can use the platform for the on-line lessons and meetings from your computer, laptop, tablet or mobile phone

The device you will use should have speakers or headphones (recommended), a microphone, and a web camera.
Most all of modern devices now have all of the above.

You will be emailed with all the instructions you need to connect to the platform for your attendance and participation in the course.

For those of you who are not comfortable with the technology we promise it is simpler than you imagine and we will be at your disposal to help.

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