Every artist, Orchestra Maestro, poet or singer has a special personality that makes them unique.

The question to answer in this class is: how much of their life experiences, passions, failures, successes as a human being are expressed in their art?

The objective of this class is to learn who they were and how they produced those wonderful tangos that we love.

"The man behind the music" was born with the goal of bringing light to these details and making us reflect on the connection we have with Tango music. 

Let discover together what motivated those great artists to choose and develop their style, from the complexity to the simplicity, the danceable or the intellectual, the evolution of tango poetry and slang.

First meetings:
- Eduardo Arolas, "Tigre del Bandoneon"
- Pedro Maffia "Pibe de Flores" the soul of Bandoneon.
- Pedro Laurenz "Cadenero"
- AniΞ’Β­bal Troilo "Pichuco"
- Astor Piazzolla "El Gato'

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