Tango Stories Through the Embrace will be a journey to understand the roots of this dance which is part of a culture in search of an identity, expressed in a dance through the embrace. 

The goal is to understand the social factors that have created and changed this dance over time and who have been the protagonists in different eras up to now.

In addition to historical data, the characters and their life experiences will be discussed.

The development of the study will have material to share with participants which will include interviews, photos, videos, among other things.

We will study the evolutionary cycles starting from the origin, the evolution of movement and society, the different influence, the scenarios in which the tango was developed ... passing from the origins to the old guard of dance, the exploration of  "golden age", the philosophy behind the dance, the different points of view, the tango in the dark period during the 60s-70s, how it survives ... to finally analyse the rebirth at the end of the dictatorship and the incorporation  of a new generation and the analysis of dance that will lead us to ask ourselves some questions, about where this dance is going today in terms of communication.

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