NEW SEMINAR (Class format: Zoom simultaneous live Chinese translation of the course in a second link)

Tango Stories: evolution of the dance

Most of the time, teachers and students mainly focus on the dancing aspect of tango culture. Tango, however, is much more than movements, and, in order to understand it on a deeper level, we need to carefully examine the roots and the evolution of this dance.

When I started dancing, I came across so many affirmations, but so very few real explanations. My frustration about not getting full answers has motivated me to seek them for myself. I always find myself interested in understanding the reasons behind things, their inner logic and meaning. This has formed my point of view, my dance and teaching.

Are we looking forward to having tango in the future? If so, then it is fundamental to understand the when, who and how of the tango facts: the events, the situations, the social and personal stories that have brought us where we are now.

Who were those amazing people, and couples of the past?

Which movements appeared first?

How was "cabeceo" born? And what about the rest of the milonga codes? Have they always been the same?

Which one was born first? The music or the dance?

What does it mean to say: "this has tango" or "that does not have tango"?

What really is traditional tango? And what is the innovation?

Understanding the dance in all its layers and answering those and many more questions, should allow us to reflect on and visualize the tango of the future.


  • The seminar includes 12 live zoom meetings.
  • Starting on Friday 12th of March
  • @3:00pm time (Greek time zone)
  • @9:00pm time (Beijing/ Perth time zone)
  • Meeting duration: 1 h 30 min.
  • Material, such as pictures, videos, maps and interviews are going to be shared inside the talk. All the material will have English subtitles.
  • Price per lesson: 15 euros
  • Price per 4 lessons: 50 euros
  • Price per 12 lessons: 120 euros

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About Marisol Morales:

Argentinian Tango dancer and teacher.

She started dancing Tango in 1998. Exploring was a mission, understanding was a need and learning, a desire. Her studies have been motivated by the curiosity to understand the tango evolution from the root to the flower.

Since 2005, she has been traveling around the world, teaching and performing, giving seminars, participating in festivals around the world, along with her husband and partner Alejandro Larenas.

Their geographical base today is in Athens, Greece, where they reside since 2015. In colaboration with a broader team, they run their Tango school, TANGart, in the city of Athens.

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